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An Unlikely Trio Amazon Front Cover Fina
An Unlikely Trio

The Winners of the 1913 Kentucky Derby

A Thoroughbred, a jockey and the owner-breeder-trainer come together to make racing history in 1913.


Eddie Price introduces a new book and a new character to his list of historic portrayals and programs. Price will begin in August of 2017 presenting a first person portrayal of Jockey Roscoe Tarleton Goose.


Goose won the 1913 Kentucky Derby with odds of 91:1 a record that experts say will probably never be broken.

Goose who was teased while growing up for his small size found his calling with horses.


A natural horseman, he turned that interest and knowledge into a lucrative career as a jockey. 

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Riding the Kentucky bred horse Donerail , Goose felt the horse had untapped speed and persuaded owner, breeder and trainer Thomas Patrick Hayes to run the horse in the 1913 derby.


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“An Unlikely Trio: The Winners of the 1913 Kentucky Derby, takes us back to the early days of the Kentucky Derby and climaxes on the day when this unlikely trio, against all odds, won the major prize. Well researched and engaging, this novel is, indeed, stranger than fiction. And it is surprisingly a great read for the general public. One does not have to be a horse aficionado to enjoy this story. Perhaps this is because most people want the "dark horse" to win. Most of all, this is a story of hard work, suffering, perseverance, and, in the end, triumph. Eddie Price's An Unlikely Trio is an inspirational book because the individual stories of Roscoe, Thomas and Donerail give credence to the saying: you can do anything you want as long as you are willing to really work hard for it.”—Maria Beltran, Reviewer, Readers' Favorite Awards

“I was able to appreciate the drive and vigor of Hayes and Roscoe. I was inspired by their refusal to be bound by their circumstances as they strove for a greater and better future, achieving remarkable accomplishments. More importantly, their discipline and consistency in working on their skills without being deterred by their prevailing circumstances were even more compelling. Anyone who loves horse racing will definitely love Eddie Price’s story of An Unlikely Trio. Still, anyone looking for inspiration to follow and work at their passion should also read this book.”—Edith Wairimu, Reviewer, Readers' Favorite Awards


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"A riveting tale of intrigue, murder, duplicity, and gunfights. The maelstrom engulfs Craig Ridgeway and his family. He and his Breckinridge County neighbors battle conspirators. Eddie Price takes aim and hits the mark with the sequel to Widder's Landing."

Reviewed by J. Trace Kirkwood of Kentucky Department for Libraries & Archives

"What an amazing book!!! This book follows Widder's Landing. It is carefully researched and full of details and a wonderful story. We cannot keep it in our library. It is a page turner and a book not to be put down. Such a GREAT read!!!!"


Review by Nicholas County Public Library

"A wonderful storyteller, Eddie Price interweaves early 19th Century Kentucky farming with the boisterous turmoil of New Orleans, adding in a good measure of life on board river boats and seagoing vessels!"



Review by Kathy Cummings of Pioneer Times USA

"One drop a Slave continues the story from Widder's Landing. Beautifully written story that takes you from Kentucky to Louisiana to places I've never known. This is an amazing story that will make you laugh, cry, or get angry at the shenanigans happening. This is a must read!"

Review by Victoria Kennedy, Amazon Customer

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