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Little Miss Grubby Toes Steps on a Bee!

Eddie combines his talents with safety personnel in your community to present an entertaining lesson that could save lives.

Little Miss Grubby Toes tries to be a good girl, but when she doesn't obey her parents, she gets herself into trouble!


One day, her mother warns her to keep her shoes on outside, because the bees are out collecting nectar. But Little Miss Grubby Toes loves to run around barefoot!


She starts playing and ignores her mother's warning.


What do YOU think will happen?

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Little Miss Grubby Toes Steps on a Bee! is the first book in the Little Miss Grubby Toes Misadventure Series, designed to teach values, self-discipline, and safety lessons to children in a light-hearted way.


Complete with activities and discussion questions, Little Miss Grubby Toes Steps on a Bee! teaches children a little bit about bees and a lot about obeying their parents!


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“Eddie Price's children's concept book, Little Miss Grubby Toes Steps on a Bee! is entertaining and educational all at once. The message that parents and guardians have good reasons for setting limits and imposing restrictions is artfully conveyed in this whimsical and beautifully illustrated fable.”—Jack Magnus, Reviewer, Readers' Favorite

“Little Miss Grubby Toes Steps on a Bee! won the 2015 Mom's Choice Gold Award in the book category of "Values and Life Lessons.”—JudgesMom's Choice Gold Award

"Price’s program will feature a life-size Little Miss Grubby Toes puppet who is cranky and definitely down on bees. She sings, argues, and, in the end, learns a little bit about the role that bees play in the scheme of life."—Bee Lines, the state Apiarist newsletter, Kentucky Beekeepers Association

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“I loved the expressions on the little miss and her animal friends' faces, especially when she's considering taking off those shoes. The looks of dismay and concern on the animals' faces are priceless. I also enjoyed the educational aspect of the tale which dealt with the steps honeybees take to produce honey, and the real dangers that severely allergic people face when stung by bees. Little Miss Grubby Toes Steps on a Bee! is recommended.”

Review by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

I love this book. It is the first in what promises to be a great new series. This tale teaches there are consequences to our actions. It also provides an educational quality in teaching about bees. At the end of the book there are discussion questions and ten words to find in the story making this a great teaching resource for educators. There is also a puzzle/ mystery where you try to guess Little Miss Grubby Toes’ real name. The illustrations are beautifully done.

Review by Debra Gaynor for VINE VOICE

On a child's level it is a captivating story easily related to. No child wants to step on a bee! Eddie Price has come forward with another excellent book, this one for children and parents of children. Parents, teachers and even school librarians will appreciate Little Miss Grubby Toes Steps on a Bee!


Review by Isaac Kreutzer,

Pastor at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church

As a mother of two very mischievous toddlers, I loved this book. All it took was one reading with my children session to drive home the importance of wearing shoes, especially while running about outside. Now, I just need to say "Ms. Grubby Toes" and the kids put on their shoes before stepping out. It worked like a charm and to those parents struggling to talk logic with their toddler, this book could surely help.

Review by Dr. Oliva Dsouza

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